Lush Logic writes, edits and proofreads.
Any words, any audience, anywhere.
But it's not just about having a way with words...

We solve problems

We love to help people. Sometimes it’s as easy as supporting an overwhelmed communications team. At other times we take on challenges that can seem impossible (explain radiation and subatomic particles in 150 words or less!).

We are natural problem solvers. If we can’t help you within our expertise, then we’ll assemble and manage a team that can or refer you to a trusted member of our network. We regularly partner with advertising agencies, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, digital strategists, and marketing specialists.

We uncover the 'interesting' 

We believe that interesting stories are everywhere. We find and explore the threads that will help people connect with our work and your business.  Lush Logic works with clients across a wide range of industries and tackles topics that many would shy away from. We love the challenge of developing ideas and discovering unique angles to engage and inspire an audience.

We transform big into small, complex into simple

Although we're creative souls, we’re analytical at heart and our strength lies in assimilating large amounts of complex information to create a simple story that will achieve our client’s goals. The more information our clients give us, the better we can communicate on their behalf. Whether it’s a pile of raw data or a large team of people to talk to – we love the research and we're not easily overwhelmed.

Need some help?  Email us at or send through a query via our contact form.

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A Brief History

Dr Angela Lush founded Lush Logic in 2008 during some ‘time off’ after many years as an agricultural scientist/entomologist.  Angela began Lush Logic to help bridge the gap between the latest scientific research and on-farm practice through good science communication.  Science and technical communication remains a specialty, but the Lush Logic team now use their skills across a wide range of industries and communication channels

Angela calls Adelaide in South Australia home, but after 10 years in the office is now embracing the digital nomad lifestyle. She is currently working while travelling through North America in her trusty campervan, @rusty_thedinger_rex